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Keypad shortcuts 

There are a number of keypad functions that can be used to ensure your conferencing runs the way you want it to, with all participants engaged and able to converse when appropriate.

Use your telephone keypad to perform the following host functions:

Conference preparation

Start host-initiated recording           *2
Lock/unlock conference                    *7 
Terminate conference                       *9 
Take a roll call                                     *0*6*7

Guest management

Mute all guests                                       250#
Unmute all guests                                  200# 
Individual guests to mute/unmute     *6

Request operator assistance during a conference    *0*0

Additional features on request

The below features can be can be added to your account by a Eureka consultant.

Guest entry on mute
Automatic record 
Participant name announce  
Conference quickstart 
Project code on entry 
Auto disconnect 
Personal Identification Numbers  
Participant count  
Conference announced roll call

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